Kitchen Cart

Kitchen Carts are enormously practical articles to organize fruits and vegetables in our kitchens, since thanks to its size and its ergonomics can be placed in any corner.

The carts are perfect because they can be easily moved thanks to its wheels. The wheels also have a mechanism to be able to set up carts and no shifting of the venue. Also include the bins and recycling containers.Cart designs are very varied, modern and avant-garde, and manage to adapt to any type of kitchen aesthetics. We can find them in different colors and materials that adapt to the tastes of the client.



                        trolleys                            ondachelsea

                   Kitchen Trolleys                           Onda Trolley                             Chelsea Trolley


                         verduleros madera                            bacuscubex

                  Wooden Trolleys                       Bacus Wine Rack                        Recyclin Bin   


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