Product Assembly

TROLLEYHOME.COM places a lot of importance on the assembly of its products so we try to sell our products fully assembled; however, for packaging reasons some parts such as handles, knobs, legs and wheels cannot be attached; other items may require minor assembly work and others may be flat-packed. In the technical data sheets and descriptions of our products, you will see the acronym AS followed by a number which tells you how the product will be delivered and what kind of assembly will be required from the customer.

Our aim is to avoid any surprises for our customers.

AS1.1 – Product assembled apart from the handle.

AS1.2 – Product assembled apart from legs or wheels.

AS1.3 – Product assembled apart from the handle and legs or wheels.

AS1.4 – Product assembled but folded.

AS1.0 – Product fully assembled.

AS2.1 – Product that requires a simple assembly process.

AS2.2 – Product that requires some assembly skills.

All TROLLEY HOME products are carefully and securely packaged to avoid any incidents during transport; it is very important to us that our packages reach our customers in perfect condition.

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