Serving Trolleys

Serving trolleys and folding trays are very useful in our homes. They offer a solution to the problems of storage and transportation, its wheels allow you to place it close to the table during the meal and move it when already is not necessary as well as the trays to serve in the bed or dining room. With them, you'll save more than one kitchen and kitchen dining room trip to the dining room. Models design and minimalist as Agora cart, to the wide range of collections of the waitresses 2-3 trays where you can combine an endless possibilities, among more than 50 models of trays and 5 finishes of frame where we will get a functional item unique and decorative kitchen, lounge, terrace, ect. All these products are manufactured by domestic companies guaranteeing quality and service



folding trays      agora trolley                             leky trolley

                    Folding Trays                                Agora Trolley                                    Leky Trolley


serving trolley 2 trays      serving trolley 3 trays                            serving trolley bottle

               Serving Trolley 2 Trays                 Serving Trolley 3 Trays             Serving Trolley Bottle 

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